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  • QualityTrade Pty Ltd2019/4/29 13:54:06
    Hi Gaoyou Lintian Tourist Products Factory, I’m Sheryl from the ISO Certified Supplier network - I’d like to pass along this quote request to your company. The buying company is from United States and is currently looking for 100 pieces of Carry-on Luggage. Please see the information below for the full quotes details: Please activate your QualityTrade account to respond to this quote and connect with this buyer. We can see you are a certified business so you have free access to receive quotes via the exclusive business to business marketplace for certified companies globally. Also, after you activate your profile you can receive quotes for all the products and services you list on QualityTrade. We have generated more than $390 million trade in the last 12 months for certified companies. As long as you hold a valid accredited certification you can access the trade for the products and or services your business offers. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on or contact our Sydney head office directly +61 2 8381 1177 Regards, Sheryl Manlulu Trade Manager
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